Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth. We typically use a crown to restore a damaged tooth with a large defect, but they can also use it to improve the appearance of a smile.

A crown can consist of three different materials, all-metal, ceramic-on-metal and all-ceramic. All ceramic crowns can be very aesthetically pleasing, but some believe that metal crowns are more durable. Ceramic crowns have come a long way and are often stronger than metal crowns in many aspects.
Dental crowns are recommended for patients with:

  1. Large Defects of Tooth
  2. Some Cracked Tooth
  3. Root Canal Treated Tooth

Before your dental crown appointment, we recommend whitening your teeth first. Reason being, we select the crown shade to match the color of your teeth. If you have yellow teeth you will get yellow crowns.

Crown does not change color with bleaching, it may stand out too much when you decide to have teeth whitening down the road. We offer a variety of bleaching products for our patients so that your new crown can match your sparkling white teeth.

On the day of the procedure, we will need to remove a portion of the enamel so that there is room for the new crown to surround the tooth without pushing other teeth out of place.

Once complete, we will clean the tooth and secure a temporary crown to it using removable glue. Patients typically wear a temporary crown for around two weeks while waiting for a permanent one to be created in the lab. During this time, it is important to be careful with what you eat and how you brush your teeth since the temporary is designed to come off.

When the dental restoratives are complete, patients return to our Bridgeport dental office, so that we can remove the temporaries and bond the permanent ones to the tooth. For a dental crown, we will secure the cap around the tooth and complete it through dental bonding.

The benefit of wearing a crown is that it surrounds and protects the tooth. This means that regardless of how damaged the tooth was, you can eat your favorite foods without fear of discomfort.

A crown can restore the functionality of your mouth by making it easy to eat, drink and speak like normal. This is ideal for people that are suffering from severely sensitive teeth, have a cracked or chipped tooth or have undergone a root canal.